“Elegant and classic”, Pietro B. about luxury hotels in Malta


Interview to Pietro B.

  • Can you please describe your day in Malta visiting the hotels in Valletta?

Our bus took us to Valletta in the morning to visit two famous luxury hotels: the Phoenicia and the Excelsior Hotels. Both have five stars and offer a lot of facilities. Our tour started to the Phoenicia Hotel, the most ancient accommodation structure in Malta, visible from the original tiles brought to light during a recent renovation. We saw the main environment of the building like the dining rooms, the garden and the ball-room. There are two lunch rooms: the bigger room had a characteristic style by the deep blue wallpaper, offers an a la carte menu and the smaller one (famous to be the first room in Malta to have the air conditioning) has a punch clock, used in the past to mark the start of the working day. The Ball-Room has also a crucial role in the hotel because it is able to host more than 600 hundred people for different kinds of events and where even Princess Elizabeth said have been passed the best time of her life. The representative of the hotel guided us through the extremely big garden to the pool: in the same area, in front of the breathtaking view of the city, is in construction a SPA center. After the lunch break and a short visit of Valletta we moved to the Excelsior hotel: we started from the reception and then we went to a standard twin room with king sized beds, to the restaurants, the SPA, the gym and the pool area: the structure has been built for quite a long time, and is much larger than the Phoenicia one. We said goodbye to the representative that had guided us around the hotel and we returned back home.

  • Did you enjoy these visits and what were the most interesting aspects of this activity for Alternanza Scuola Lavoro?

Although tourism is not my first interest and it’s not a subject that I study, I found interesting understanding how is managed such a wide system also according to the season, also because Malta is quite similar to Elba Island. That’s why I will reuse these notions.

  • Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Phoenicia Hotel.

Since the outside, the appearance is elegant and classic, and this doesn’t disappoint coming you entering in: the staff seemed polite and professional, worthy of a luxury hotel (for example the communication manager who took photos of us posted them on different social media very quickly!). The garden was really well maintained and I think the contrast between the old structure and the newest pool part is cool: it seems that what the director said to us about the importance of offering the best quality to a reduced number of guests it’s true, also due to the extremely accurate choice of food and staff members.

  • Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Excelsior Hotel.

The Excelsior Hotel is very different from The Phoenicia: the building is recent and not really well maintained, but from the reception the structure assumes a luxury style with red carpets and diamonds lighting fixtures. A competent representative guided us through various big areas that were soft enlightened and then to the restaurants and at the end to the outdoor spaces; I liked the part near the sea like the new bar and the tiki village more than the standard room we visited. […]

  • Would you recommend to your friends and relatives to stay at one of the hotels visited and if yes why?

I would recommend both these hotels if you have the possibility to stay in a five star hotel with different luxury facilities but in particular the Phoenicia one because in my opinion will fit with the vast majority of people tastes. On the contrary I would not recommend the Excelsior Hotel to those who like modern furnitures and very luminous spaces and prefer a more familiar ambient.

  • Do you have any suggestion for the hotels’ management with regards to their services or possible improvements if applicable?

I’m not able to judge such a big management system, but, the only thing I can say, following my personal preferences, is to increase the lighting at the Excelsior Hotel in order to make it more brightened.


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Istituto Statale d’Istruzione Superiore ”R.FORESI”
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Obiettivo Lingua
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