Interview to Noemi: “Impressive gardens in luxury hotel”

Can you please describe your day in Malta visiting the hotels in Valletta?
Yesterday we went to the Phoenicia Hotel and the staff gave us information about the history of the hotel. The first room that we visited was a bedroom that had an amazing view of the capital city, Valletta, before going to the dining room.
Then, we went to the Excelsior Hotel where we saw the balcony of the bedroom, after we visited the restaurant. At the end of the tour we saw the gym and two swimming pools.

Did you enjoy these visits and what were the most interesting aspects of this activity for Alternanza Scuola Lavoro?
Yes, I did. Each hotel had an interesting history that the staff explained to us and I found fascinating visiting a luxury hotel because I never saw before.

Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Phoenicia Hotel
The Phoenicia Hotel was impressive because of the garden that gives you the direct contact with nature, and because of the big theatre that the luxury hotel has.

Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Excelsior Hotel
The Excelsior Hotel was different from the others because the staff was more careful.

Would you recommend to your friends and relatives to stay at one of the hotels visited and if yes why?
Yes, I would because in these hotels there are a lot of activities to do, such as going to the gym or swimming in the pool.

Do you have any suggestion for the hotels’ management with regards to their services or possible improvements if applicable?
No, I don’t. The hotels are perfect; there are many things to do and especially places where people can relax and enjoy.


Sending School:
Istituto Statale d’Istruzione Superiore ”R.FORESI”
Via Carlo Bini, 4 – 57037 Portoferraio (LI)
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Obiettivo Lingua
Via Roma 307
30038 Spinea (VE)


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