Luxury Hotels in Malta, interview to Krystal

Intervista a Krystal M.

  • Can you please describe your day in Malta visiting the hotels in Valletta?

Yesterday with the bus we went to Valletta to visit the hotels. The first hotel was the Phoenicia and the second was the Excelsior Hotel. It was very nice, because both hotels were very organized and employees are always ready to help clients. These hotels are close to each other but they have a different style.

In Phoenicia Hotel we saw the theatre, where they also celebrate a lot of weddings because the room is very big and its imperial style is perfect for this event. Sergio, who was the guide, illustrated us other rooms such as  luxury bedroom, restaurant, garden and a beautiful swimming pool.

In Excelsior Hotel the representative Michela guided us throughout the hotel giving us full information about the hotel and showing us the different restaurants and floors, swimming pool and gym area.

  • Did you enjoy these visits and what were the most interesting aspects of this activity for Alternanza Scuola Lavoro?

Yes, I’m enjoyed these visits because where I live there are not hotels like these. I like discovering the story of  the hotels such as when and how it was built. The most interesting aspect of this activity is to learn the English Language to interact with other people in real contests, because I’m obliged to think about how to speak to be comprehensible.  I hope to have more opportunities to practice it.

  • Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Phoenicia Hotel.

My impression of Phoenicia Hotel is very positive, because the staff is very warm and available. The luxury room is very beautiful and the view is wonderful too. My favourite part of this hotel is the swimming pool zone because there is a breathtaking view of Valletta and I love it. There is a big garden that it  around all the hotel. The thing that it impressed me is when the people have breakfast, they can bring the honey directly to beehive.

  • Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Excelsior Hotel.

My impression of Excelsior Hotel is not entirely positive, but the luxury room is very comfortable and beautiful and the view is beautiful too. My favourite part of this hotel is the outside and the reception because they are imperial. The swimming pool and the private beach are so beautiful. […]

  • Would you recommend to your friends and relatives to stay at one of the hotels visited and if yes why?

Yes,  I recommend to my friends to stay at Phoenicia Hotel because is near the centre of Valletta and it is a place that you can relax and enjoy a lot.   


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