Maltese feasts and food traditions

Article of Melanie S. and June G.

Birkirkara Police Station

Even though Malta’s crime rate is quiet low, they have a police station in every town, even in villages. Because of hardly any work they close in the night. Thanks to Governor Sir Thomas Maitland in 1813 the Maltese Police Force has remained one of the oldest ones in Europe. The police have an important responsibility about the national security and the monitoring of crime policy activities. The Birkirkara Police station has emerged as the biggest and most important in around 1800, giving that the city is heavily populated with about 23.000 inhabitants.


Discovering Maltese food & traditions

Influenced by the Mediterranean lifestyle is the cuisine, which is very important to Malta. People cook very differently depending on the season and you can see this very clearly in local restaurants. Malta has lots of good coffee bars and you can find them everywhere in the city. The mostly rustic foods like “Bragioli” (beef olives) or “Lampuki Pie” (fish pie) are some of Malta’s traditional foods. You also can find Maltese dessert delicacies like kannoli which are a tube of crispy, fried pastry filled with ricotta. Malta as an island has a wide variation of fish you can see on a morning trip to the Marsaxlokk fish market on Sunday morning. Depending on the season you can see spnotta (bass), dott (stone) and many more. In the later seasons you can see tuna followed by the lampuka which you can use for the “Lampuka Pie”. Because Italy is nearby, the maltese people love pasta.

Birkirkara & Maltese culture

Malta is a very cultural country following their traditions for many years. The Catholic island is celebrating various special events (Holy Communion) and doing activities hosted by the churches. There’s the solemn procession where men go through the streets carrying crosses like Jesus did. Then there’s the feast of San Gregor that ends with a huge picnic in the fishing village. Additionally Maltese people love celebrating other holidays for example the Victory day, White Night or Independence Day. One feast that is really important especially in Birkirkara is the St. Helen feast on August 18. On that day the statue is carried out in the morning following a musical accompaniment. The feast lasts 4 days and at the end there will be a huge firework. Maltese really love their culture and traditions.

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