All the beautiful gardens of Malta

Article of Lorena W. and Magdalena L.

Argotti Gardens

The gardens were originally the private gardens of Grandmaster Pinto and only became a botanical garden in 1805. Argotti Gardens and nowadays are used by the University of Malta for educational purposes. There are also known as il-Gotti and placed in Floriana.

The garden is divided into 5 parts:

  • South America
  • North America
  • South Africa
  • Southern Western Australia
  • Lands of the Mediterranean sea

You will find plenty of oaks, oleanders, potted plants and cacti and several fountains, ponds and water towers.

From St Philips Garden, which is set next to Argotti, you can get an even better view of Floriana.

Mall and St. Philip Gardens

The “Maglio” was established by Grand Master Lascaris in 1656 to serve as a playground and promenade for use by the Knights. In fact, its name derives from a ball game called Palla a Maglio. During the British period, in 1805, Sir Alexander Ball ordered that it should be converted into a public garden. Thus the high walls surrounding the mall have been replaced with low lying walls and it has been embellished with trees and shrubs.

This St. Philips garden, also known as ‘il-Ġnien tal-Ġeneral’, was part of Argotti’s private section. The special of the garden is the beautiful fountain in the center. For many years, the entrance to St Philip Garden was restricted, but in recent years, it was improved and made accessible to the public.

Hasting and Upper Barracca Gardens in Valletta

Barraka Gardens is a public park in Valletta. They are located at the highest point of the fortifications on the St. Peter and St. Paul Bastions and offer excellent views of the Grand Harbor, the city Vittorosia, Senglea, Cospicua and Floriana, the Fort St. Angelo and the Valletta Waterfront.

The Hastings Garden is located on the top of the bastions on the West side of the entrance to Valletta. In the garden is a monument raised in honor of Lord Hastings who was a former British governor of Malta. With view of the Triton fountain.

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