A glimpse of Mdina, the old Capital

Article of Eva B. and Sara B.

The ancient capital of Malta, Medina is located in the center of the Island on a large hill. The beautiful Arabic golden-stone walled city is completely different to other places in Malta. The silent city, how it is called, offers a beautiful view of the Island.

The History of Mdina, the Old Capital City of Malta

Back in the Bronze Age, the hill where Mdina was located used to be a strategic position,  and it was easy to defend. It was built from the Phoenicians with the name Malet which means sanctuary. The Romans renamed it to Melita and built a huge battlement around Rabat and the city. After the conquest of the Arab they gave Mdina its present name and reduced the wall. Another increase of the wall was while the Norman ruled. In the year 1422 it held an attack of the Turks and received an honorary title. After an earthquake in 1693 the church builder Lorenzo Gafa got the assignment to rebuild the Cathedral St. Paul and built one of his masterpieces.

Highlights of the city buildings: discovering the beauties of Mdina

One can see the beautiful building even from the entrance of the City. The ancient walls make the city look like a castle from the outside. In the center it stands the St. Paul Cathedral which has a gorgeous baroque interior with Irish Wood carved domestic equipment. Also the Palazzo Falson known as the Norman House is a medieval building in Mdina, which now is a Museum. It is the best preserved building in Mdina and worth a visit.

Mdina nowadays’ tourist attraction

Malta is known as a popular place for filming. As a Game of Thrones lover you will recognize the main entrance which is the gate of King’s Landing in the famous series. Deep in the little streets of Mdina the Mesquita Square was setting for also many scenes. For more Information’s about the nature you can visit the National Museum of Natural History that has a wonderful architecture built in an impressive Baroque style with unique features. If you go through the streets you get to a long platform were you can have a beautiful view of Malta.

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