Argotti, Barraca and St. Phillip gardens

Article of Eva B. and Sara B.

Argotti Gardens:

The Argotti Botanic Garden and Resource Centre in Floriana (Triq Sarria, II-Furjana) are always open from 8 AM to 3 PM except on Saturdays and Sundays. The different plant collections in the garden have a predominantly mediterranean climate focus. A section is dedicated to maltese flora where indigenous and endemic plants are present. 

Mall and St. Phillip Gardens:

This garden is also known as “il-Ġnien tal-Ġeneral” (The General’s Garden) and it forms part of Argotti’s former private section. In the centre of the garden there is a beautiful fountain. From there you can look over the city of Malta. The Mall at Floriana was included in the Antiquities Protection List since 1932.

Hastings and Upper Barraca Gardens in Valetta:

Named the Upper Barrakka and the Lower Barrakka, both gardens offer a stunning view of the Grand Harbour. The Upper Barrakka garden, especially, is a must. A number of statues and monuments adorn the gardens, including one dedicated to Winston Churchill. A monument dedicated to Captain Ball is located in the Centre of the Lower Barraca Gardens.

Sending School 
Städtische Riemerschmid-Wirtschaftsschule – München – Germany 

 In cooperation with Stepin GmbH · Beehovenallee 21 · 53173 Bonn
Amtsgericht Bonn · HRB 8736 – Germany 



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