Turism in Malta

Article of Eva B. and Sara B.

Malta: The Place to Be

Malta is a meeting point for a lot of tourists from all over the world. Tourism in Malta has mainly increased but not just because of the tourists. A lot of Students visit Malta to learn English (160 Years of History gave the island the legacy of the English language). Thanks to a great climate and cultural varied surroundings, Malta is an attractive country for students coming from all over the world. Malta is a good place Also for people that want to open a new shop. The taxes in Malta are very low, it has one of the lowest income taxes in Europe and this is a kind of magnet for the foreigners who want to live and work in Malta.

Malta Highlights and Best Places to Visit

Malta is very small and tiny country but it has a lot of things to offer to visitors. It has many coasts and a breathtaking nature. One of the highlights is Blue Grotto. From the viewpoint you can watch the impressive rock gate and with a little of braveness you can climb the rope, walk down the street and finally get to the water from the upper side. The most harmless way is to go by boat. You should not miss the St. Peters Pool, furthermore you can visit the fisherman village in Marsaxlokk. If you prefer to have a cultural experience you can visit the Mosta Dome which is the third largest rotunda dome in the world.

The History of the Maltese Islands

The History of the Island began in the Neolithic times with the human settlement. The first big success was between 3800 and 2500 B.C. Then the island was uninhabited for a long time. Later the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, the Romans and the Byzantines left their footprints on the island. In the year 60 A.C St. Paul had a ship break and he brought the Christianity in Malta. Until 1530 Malta was a part of Spain, it was handed by Knights who reign over the Island for about 286 Years, they got into the History as the Maltese Knights. After the victory in 1565 and the siege of Napoleon Bonaparte, Malta turned into a crown colony. In 1965 Malta became independent and a completely independent republic only 10 years later.

What Malta looks like nowadays

With an estimated population of 400000 people, Malta depicted a steady increase of the population over the last century. Nowadays Malta is a tourist magnet. Also the gross domestic product continuous to evolve in positive way. Malta doesn’t have particular goods but although that you feel the personality of the Land. Basically it means that tourism is the main income for Malta. Malta is also rich of Nature and attractions. From the past Malta had a lot of temples that you can still visit. For instance, the Ggantija Temples on Gozo were appointed to the World Heritage from the UNESCO in 1980.



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