Valletta, the smallest capital of EU

Article of Sara B. and Eva B.

Valletta, the Capital City of Malta

Valletta can be considered the Capital City and the heart of Malta and it is a place where every traveller should go if he is going to spend some time on the island. The town is the smallest capital city in the European Union and it offers some examples of stunning architecture. There are many attractions that you can’t visit within just one day. The Government has put a lot of effort in a program for international and national artists, and this is one of the reasons why Valletta became the European Capital of Culture in 2018

The History of Valetta

In the year 1566, the Grand Master of the Knights Order of St. John, Jean de la Valette laid down the cornerstone for the new capital which received his name Valletta. Through the victory against the Muslims the cavaliers received generous funding’s from France, Spain and the pope. He also sent one of his architects Francisco Laparelli da Cortona who planned within a few days a ingenious project for that time.

Highlights of the city buildings: discovering the beauties of Valletta

The whole town was built in a grid which was created to confuse the enemy. The style is mostly formed by baroque buildings. Today Valletta has a lot of embellished and new buildings. The St. John’s Co-Cathedral which is unsuspicious from the outside has one of the most beautiful interior decoration. The Manoel Theatre was built in 1731 to host the increasing popularity of operas. Today it is the Europe’s third oldest working theatre.

Valletta nowadays’ tourist attraction

The Triton Fountain outside of Valletta’s City Gate is one of the most iconic landmarks in Malta. It was built from 1955 till 1959. 58 years later It was restored and it has returned to its former glory. At the entrance of the city gate you can see the stunning parliament with its amazing architecture. If you keep walking through the streets of Valletta you can note the balconies and the windows that are often colorful with a lot of details. When you walk through the whole town, you can also buy souvenirs and find a lot of small hidden shops from where you can get to one of the gardens of Valletta. The Upper Barrakka Gardens are situated on the highest place of the City and they offer an amazing view of the Grand Harbour and the big shipyard Fort St. Angelo. Thanks to the new technologies, you can also benefit of an impressive experience at the 5D Cinema that offers a multimedia show about  Malta and Valletta.

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