Interview to Sara B.

  1. Can you please describe your day in Malta visiting the hotels in Valetta and St. Julian’s?

Our bus took us to both of the luxury hotels in the evening, where we had a guided tour through both hotels. On Tuesday we visited the Phoenicia Hotel in Valetta. It is right next to the Tritons Fountain and near the bus station. We visited also the InterContinental on Thursday and we received a lot of information.

In Phoenicia Hotel at first the guide showed us the outside of the hotel. He showed us the lobby and the dining room, but unfortunately we couldn’t enter because there were guests. He showed us the ball room, garden and the infinity pool, my personal highlight. We also had a really nice tour guide in InterContinental, who knew a lot because he was working since 15 years. He showed us dining room and the restaurant. You can also enter if you not a guest. The director also showed us the enormous conference room which was breathtaking. Then we went to the suits and to the terrace which is only allowed to be entered by guests. The president suit was amazing and the sky beach was even better. There was a beautiful infinity pool which was very impressive, as the Phoenicia hotel pool. At the end of the day our guide said goodbye at we took the bus back home.

  1. Did you enjoy these visits and what were the most interesting aspects of this activity for your Erasmus plus Programme?

Yes I really enjoyed it, especially how much money people can spend to stay in such a luxury hotels per night. I’m actually  not very interested in the tourism sector but although I found it really informative. I will never sleep in one of these suits so it is good that I have already seen them.

  1. Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Phoenicia Hotel.

When we were in front of the hotel my first impression was very good, as in front of the hotel was a very nice lawn and in Malta is very rare. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Our guidealso was very friendly but seemed a bit overwhelmed with the situation. Inside, the hotel is very impressive and it has a very nice lobby. The hotel still has a very nostalgic style of that I liked it very much. The most impressive thing was the pool which I liked very much and that has a wide view over almost all of Valletta.

  1. Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the InterContinental Hotel.

The InterContinental is a very modern hotel, and more centrally located between several restaurants and a shopping mall. From the inside the hotel with the big and the number of stairs reminded me a bit of Hogwarts which I found very impressive. The normal swimming pool is great and is for everyone. One of the highlights was the suits that made a very nice outlook possible. The most impressive, however, I found the infinity pool on the roof of the hotel. Too bad I found that this only as a guest who has booked a suit may use or 50 euros must


  1. Would you recommend to your friend and relatives to stay at one of the hotels visited and if yes why?

I would recommend the InterContinental Hotel as it seems a bit more modern and new. In general I liked it a little bit more.

  1. Do you have any suggestion for the hotels’ management with regards to their services or possible improvements if applicable?

I do not know much about the hotel business, but I found it better to add a small modern touch to the Phoenicia Hotel. Otherwise, both hotels were very nice.

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