Interview to Sena C.


  • Can you please describe your day in Malta visiting the hotels in Valletta and St Julian’s?


On Tuesday we went to Valletta to visit the hotel Phoenicia while on Thursday we went to St. Julians to the hotel InterContinental, which we also liked to visit. […]


  • Did you enjoy these visits and what were the most interesting aspects of this activity for yours Erasmus Plus Programme?


Yes, I enjoyed these visits. Everything was explained to us. And we also had stories to hear. For example, the Queen of England stayed at the Phoenicia Hotel and was often dancing in ballroom. It already has a good aspect which we have learned a lot. For example, that the hotels have a backstories, that many different people visit the hotels.


  • Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the Phoenicia Hotel.


The hotel was old fashioned but still classic. At this hotel you could see that not the most people could go there holiday, de have no money. Because one night in this hotel cost 500 EUR, which is very expensive. And it was a pity that you did not have different types of room offerings and that, if you wanted to go to the pool, it was way further away. What I liked was that the people were very hospitable and that they had their own garden where they plant some food they use themselves.


  • Please briefly describe your impressions with regards to the InterContinental Hotel.


The hotel was very nice, modern and huge. What makes it special and extraordinary is that the hotel looks small from the outside, but if you inside is very different and very big. It was twice the size of the first hotel. There was a lot to choose from, for example, there were price differences, such as from 100 EUR to 5,000 EUR. I think that’s very good, because more people can afford that and that’s better for turnover. What I also liked is the great hospitality.


  • Would you recommend to your friend and relatives to stay at one of the hotels visited and if yes why?


Yes, I would go to the InterContinental Hotel because they have more choices than the Phenicia Hotel. They are very welcoming and the decor of the hotel is incredible. The choices are, for example, that you can rent many different rooms with different prices. There are three different swimming pool with bars. The hotel is also much bigger and therefore there are different food choices for each meal. 


  • Do you have any suggestion for the hotels’ management with regards to their services or possible improvements if applicable?


The management has nothing to improve but I would improve, at the Phenicia Hotel, to have a bigger range of prices, with lower offers for the smallest rooms.

Instead, I would suggest to the InterContinental management to add in the big suits instead of the kitchen, other useful spaces, such as a games room. […] Because the guests can find fresh food just down in the Hotel Restaurant.

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