Malta for tourists, students and business

Article of Sena C. and Michaela L.

Malta for tourists, students and business people

Malta is a very popular place for students and tourists because it is the only place in Europe where you can learn English well in the sun. It is an artistic and cultural country and is a nice place to visit, work and study.

Malta Highlights and Best Places to Visit

The blue lagoon is the most beautiful beach of Malta.You feel like you’re at the Caribbean. For example, you can also ride on horses while looking at the beach. Medina is also often called “The Silent City” of Malta. Here, were shoted some popular episodes of the series “Game of Thrones”. Slima is a very nice place because it is so versatile. On the one hand skyscrapers and shopping malls and on the other hand you can swim in the sea and meet the fishermen.

The History of the Maltese Islands

In the Neolithic period the inhabitants of Malta have built powerful temples for the Godess of  fertility which was dedicated to her. After then came the Romans, Phoenician, Carthaginian and the Byzantiner and all of them  left their mark on the island. Saint Paul brought christianity. In 870 the Arabs conquered the island. In the Year Karl V. introduced Malta to the knights. In 1798 took Napoleon B. from the knight. Malteser International needs help against the French and asked the British for help. In 1800, the British led the British administrative system, education and the Legistlative. In 1974, Malta became a republic and in May 2004 Malta became European Union.

What Malta looks like nowadays

Malta is a very cultural place and Malta still has beautiful sand and pebble beaches. Malta is a great place for any age group. It has been modernized and the heritage is well preserved.

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