Valletta, the heart of Malta

Article of Sena C. and Michaela L.

Valletta, the heart of Malta

Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Valletta is the smallest capital city of Europe. Malta is an independent country. The local language is Maltese and English. Maltese is a mixture of four languages, English, French, Arabic and Italian. Malta is artistic and cultural. The tourists are very important for the country. Maltese hospitality is marvelous and all visitors are welcome.

The history of Valletta

Valletta was founded in 1566 by Jean Parisot De La Valletta. After the war with the Ottomans, the city was redesigned by the architect Francesco Lapurelli. The city is built so that it looks the same to confuse the enemy during the war.

Highlights of the city buildings: discovering the beauties of Valletta

In the 15th century saw the St. John’s Co-Cathedral was founded. Working in Valletta is unique, and comparable to no other capital cities in Europe. The bright houses, narrow streets, beautiful gardens and the sea view make a walk through Valletta very romantic.

Valletta nowadays‘ tourist attraction

The Upper Barrakka Gardens are among the quietest places. The views of Valletta Grand Harbor and Fort Ricasoli and Fort St. Angelo are simply unforgettable! The Saluting Battery a platform on the fortress walls formerly used the Knights of Malta. It served to defend the harbor with cannons and to greet friendly ships by the sea. The Church of Our Lady of Victories is the first building in Valletta. Malta 5D is a new generation theatre where you feel the “real” emotions of the movie. In a short time, you may explore the colourful and impressive episodes of the Maltese history and culture, magnified with 3D film, moving seats, water spray, air blasts and leg ticklers.

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